Reasons To Use A Vintage Globe–Style Liquor Cabinet

20 December 2019
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One of the many types of vintage furniture that can catch your eye while you're shopping is a globe-style liquor cabinet. Conventional liquor cabinets are often rectangular and share many visual similarities with bookshelves and credenzas. A globe liquor cabinet is significantly different, however. When closed, it looks like a standard vintage floor globe — something that was common in many affluent homes decades ago. The big difference is that the globe itself is hinged so that you can open the top of the globe to reveal a storage spot for your bottles. Here are some reasons to use this style of vintage liquor cabinet.

It's A Space-Saver

If you're someone who is trying to avoid cluttering your space, a vintage globe liquor cabinet can be a good choice. It has a small footprint, which means that it will take up considerably less space than most other types of liquor cabinets. Some liquor cabinets can be very large, and this may not be suitable for everyone's home. For example, if you're only a moderate drinker and generally keep just a few bottles of alcohol in your home, it doesn't make sense to choose a large cabinet. The compact size of your globe liquor cabinet will be ideal.

It Provides Visual Interest

People who visit your home will often approach the globe, given that it's not only a vintage piece but is also relatively rare. They'll enjoy looking at it and identifying some countries — and, as is the case with vintage globes, it will be fun to point out countries that no longer exist or that have changed their names. Your guests will be doubly impressed when you reveal that the globe is actually a liquor cabinet. Over the course of a gathering, many people will have fun opening the cabinet to pour themselves a drink.

It's Convenient To Move

If you have a large home, you might have gatherings in different areas. For example, your living room might be a popular choice, but you might occasionally want to congregate in the kitchen or even outside on the deck. With a conventional liquor cabinet, you'll need to make trips to and from it whenever you're pouring drinks for guests. The portability of a globe liquor cabinet makes it easy to move. Many of these vintage pieces are equipped with wheels, allowing you to roll them wherever you need to.

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