Are You Establishing A Guest Room?

30 September 2019
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Do you have out-of-town guess often enough that you've decided to create a guest room in your house? If so, then you are more than likely looking forward to shopping for new things, aren't you? From buying a great quality queen mattress to buying the other decor for the guest room, here are some ideas that might help you.

Start With The Mattress

Start with the bed, of course. Consider places you've stayed and whether or not you got a great night's sleep. It all depended on the mattress, didn't it? Even though it might cost a bit more money, think of buying a mattress of excellent quality. In fact, choosing one that can be adjusted to the firmness your guests want would be perfect.

If you're not sure what kind of a mattress to select, the salesperson at the store will have the training and the experience to help you to select one that's just right for your guest room. In fact, he or she might suggest that, instead of selecting a queen mattress, you select two twin beds. Is there enough space in the bedroom for two beds? That would be a good solution for times when two people will be staying at your house and they're uncomfortable sharing just one bed.

Select The Decor

First, consider the theme you want for your guest room. For example, maybe you live close to the beach. If so, wouldn't a beach theme be fun? You could start with a quilt and pillowcases that have something like seashells as the focal point. Choose throw pillows that have sailboats, lighthouses or fish on them. Even humorous throw pillows like one that says, Wouldn't You Rather Be AT The Beach? would be good.

Maybe you'd rather just have an eclectic theme that invites many different types of decor. A bright-colored bedspread and throw pillows from places like Africa, India, and Mexico would definitely help you to have an eclectic feeling in the room. Buy a unique area rug, also from a foreign country, to add even more interest to the room. In fact, if you have traveled extensively and you have souvenirs from your travels, your guest bedroom will be the perfect place to display those items.

Besides a truly comfortable mattress, no matter the size, think of other things that would make your guests feel welcome. For example, a basket full of fruit set on the chest of drawers is just one idea that would say, Welcome! to your guests.