Common Questions Homeowners Have About Fences

4 June 2018
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If you are currently considering adding a fence to the perimeter of your property, you will want to be sure that you are aware of what owning a fence will be like. To this end, homeowners will find that having some of their more basic questions and concerns answers can prove useful as they prepare to make this change to their property.

Will You Have To Settle For Unsightly Fences?

One of the more prominent concerns that individuals have with adding a fence is the effect that it will have on the aesthetics of the property. While homeowners will often assume that they will have to opt for an unsightly chain link or wire fence, there are actually a large number of options available. For example, homeowners with brick homes may find that a brick fence will provide their property with a complimentary look. Alternatively, individuals can also opt for high-quality and exotic woods to use in their fence, or they can opt for vinyl that is textured and colored.

Do Fences Always Require Extensive Maintenance?

The amount of work that a fence will require is a concern that homeowners should give some attention. Failing to properly maintain their fence can result in it deteriorating. This deterioration can have negative effects on both the appearance of the fence as well as its structural integrity. If you are wanting to minimize the amount of work that you will need to do to care for your fence, you should avoid opting for wood.

Rather, brick or vinyl will be the lower maintenance options. In fact, these styles of fencing will need little more than regular washings to keep them looking good. When washing these fences, you should avoid the use of soap or other cleaning agents that could leave behind a sticky residue. Rather, a pressure washer can spray the fence with enough force to remove dirt or dust from the fence.

Can A Fence Worsen Existing Erosion Issues?

The installation of a fence will have impacts on the way that water flows through your property. For some homeowners, this can lead to existing erosion issues worsening. Many of these issues can be avoided or mitigated through strategic placement of the fence. Prior to the installation of the fence, a contractor will need to perform soil stability and erosion testing in all the areas where the fence will be installed. While these tests will add some time and cost to the installation of the fence, they will provide you with much of the information needed to avoid worsening existing erosion problems for the property.

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