Handmade Furniture Vs. Factory Made: Appreciating The Benefits Of Handmade

14 January 2018
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Handmade furniture lasts forever, especially if it is high quality furniture like stickley furniture. There is something to be said for handmade versus factory made. Here are the benefits of handmade furniture over factory made, so that you can truly appreciate it.

Handmade Is Solid

There is nothing hollow or fake about handmade furniture. Everything is solid wood—no laminate and no manufactured wood. Everything is screwed and nailed together, too, so that it holds together much better than factory made furniture. Factory made is typically glued. If factory made furniture involves fasteners, the fasteners are an afterthought.

Handmade Means Hand-Carved

Spindles are turned on lathes, with experts using chisels to carve out the spindles. Headrests on chairs and the backs of davenports are hand-carved to produce more decorative and original designs. This surpasses the kind of manufactured cuts by machines made in furniture factories. Cherish the tiny flaws in handmade furniture, as it signifies the artisan quality and craftsmanship it takes to make it.

Handmade Means Hand-Rubbed Finishes

In a factory, furniture is hung from a hook above the floor. It is either dipped into a factory vat of finish or sprayed until it drips. With handmade furniture, the crafters hand-rub the furniture, so that the finish sinks into the wood and gets into every crack and cranny. It covers more of the furniture, and it covers more evenly. Blots and excess on factory made furniture is either missed or has to be sanded away. On hand-rubbed furniture, blots and excess splotches of finish rarely occur, because the furniture is rubbed, not dipped or sprayed.

Handmade Furniture Becomes Part of an Inheritance

Before factories made furniture, all of the furniture was handmade. It was passed from parents to children and then to grandchildren, because it lasted that long. These are inheritance-worthy pieces. Handmade furniture is still inheritance-worthy. You will not get a factory made piece to last as long or look as nice fifty years in the future.

Ask How Your Furniture Is Made

Before you buy any furniture, especially wood furniture, ask how it is made. Furniture made in any foreign country, such as China, is going to be factory made. If it says "Made in America," still ask how it was made. If it was made by hand, look for the smoothness and continuity of the finish and small flaws in carvings. Avoid anything that appears just glued, as that is the surest sign of manufactured furniture.