Three Reasons to Go From Cloth Chairs to Velvet

5 December 2017
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Seating in the dining room is often more formal than the rest of the home. The dining room will play host to visitors as well as fancy holiday dinners. When you want a chair that will be comfortable for sitting, a chair with some cushion is the best pick. Many chairs made for the dining room come with an upholstered cloth on the exterior. If you want to break out of the norm and go with something a little more stylish, you should choose an upholstery service like Tri-County Furniture Restoration to change your cloth chairs to velvet. Here are three reasons why velvet upholstery beats the rest. 

Velvet is harder to break through

People sitting down on chairs with keys and other sharp objects in their pocket tends to ruin the upholstery on cloth chairs and leather chairs. Since these seats are easy to break through, they can get ruined easily and will need to be repaired on a regular basis. Redo your chairs in a textured velvet with a thick underside to protect your chairs from possible breaks and scratches in the upholstery. This will keep your dining room set looking good despite heavy usage. 

Velvet is easy to brush and wipe

Some fabrics are harder to clean than others. To clean off a velvet fabric, you may be able to use a wet washcloth or a cloth with a gentle cleanser. This is especially good news if you have a spill or an accident happen on the velvet. Velvet exteriors also have shorter fibers than other fabrics. This means a lower likelihood of stains sinking deep into the fabric and becoming set in.  

Dark velvet has a regal look

If an upscale dining room is what you have been pining after, pairing deep-colored velvet chairs with a well-crafted dining room table will give you just that. Velvet colors in dark blue, purple, deep red, and deep green will set off any design scheme. For a monochromatic look, you can choose black velvet chairs or grey velvet chairs with a white table and a white rug. No matter the color scheme, velvet dining room chairs tend to offer a regal look, which will make the dining room feel like a more upscale space. If you want your dinner guests to feel as if they are in a five-star restaurant no matter what you are serving, sturdy velvet chairs will create this feel.