Furnishing Your Entryway? Look For Certain Qualities To Maximize Storage Capacity

2 October 2017
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The entryway is one of the most used rooms in any home because everyone who comes inside will walk by or use the area. So, while you can furnish your bedroom however you want, you should consider going in with a strategy when you go furniture shopping for the entryway. It is worth getting as much storage as you can to accommodate your family as well as guests.

Entryway Bench

An important addition is a bench that stays by the entryway. This is where family, friends, and anyone else who visits can sit down to remove their hat, jacket, shoes, backpack, or purse. It is worth prioritizing long benches because this will allow multiple people to sit down at once.

Instead of just getting a comfortable bench to sit on, you should buy one with storage in the form of a chest that opens from the top or with open shelving underneath the bench. Open shelving is ideal for guests because they will know exactly where their items are before leaving.

Shoe Rack

Another addition that you will appreciate having at the entryway is a shoe rack. It is best not to pick any shoe rack because shoes are varied and have different storage requirements. A flexible shoe rack is one with multiple heights to accommodate sandals, sneakers, heels, and boots.

It is worth considering ones with layers that act as boot trays because this will keep dirt and slush from getting onto the floor or scuffing up the shoe rack. Since you can find mountable shoe racks, you can purchase one and combine it with a floor one to maximize storage space. This is an excellent setup because both additions do not conflict with each other regarding placement.


A large mirror is a great addition to the entryway because this allows people to inspect how they look before leaving. But, only adding a mirror provides minimal functionality. A better purchase is getting a full-length mirror with storage on the side and behind. You can find ones with coat hangers, clothes hanger bars, and even key hooks to store all loose items when walking inside.

Since the entryway is an area that everyone will see when visiting your home, it is a tempting option to prioritize appearance. But, making storage capacity a top priority when you go furniture shopping will give a lot of functionality to the space and keep it from getting cluttered.

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