Turning Your Old Indoor Dining Room Set Into Outdoor Lounge Furniture

28 July 2017
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Getting a brand new dining room set is an occasion that calls for a big meal to celebrate. People often underestimate the amount of time that is spent around a dining room table eating, talking, and doing work. For this reason, dining room tables can wear down and warrant a replacement when they become less luxurious to share with house guests. One of the things that you should do instead of throwing out a still-usable dining room table is to use the table has patio furniture. Here is a step by step method for turning your old wood dining room set into the perfect patio furniture:

Sand down the table

After years of wear and tear, it is often time to sand down a table. Sand down every part of your old dining room table including the top and every corner of the legs. Be sure to sand the chairs as well in order to get rid of the appearance of any chips, nicks, or bite marks from animals that can be in the wood. Sanding the table and chairs gives them a smooth finish and will allow you to stain the table any color of your choosing. 

Apply a waterproof coating

One thing that you will need for wood furniture that is now stationed outside is a good waterproof coating. Since the furniture will now be stationed outside, you need to make sure that it does not become water logged and begin to experience wood rot after being left in the rain. After staining the furniture, apply a water proof coating, then allow the furniture to sit out for at least one day to dry. Once the waterproof coating has been applied, you can place the seats and the table on your patio to use without any fear. 

Just add padding

The best way to ramp up the style of an old dining room set that has become patio furniture through repair is to add a little bit of padding. If the wood chairs come without any sort of seat padding, add seat covers in a stylish tropical theme. Along with the padding for the seats, you should use placemats on the patio table. As with most dining room tables, you may begin to see stains from cups and glasses being used without coasters. Placemats or even a permanent waterproof table cover can be strapped to the table via the legs and will keep the new patio furniture in excellent outdoor dining condition. 

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