Welcome Summer: Creative Ways To Make Your Home As Inviting As A Summer Breeze

14 July 2017
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The season of summer is a time when home decorating takes on a more relaxed look. You can simplify your home for sizzling summer days by stripping it down to the bare necessities. With a little effort, your home will become the favorite hot spot for you and your loved ones.

Transform your porch into a summer living room

Whether you are spending the afternoon engrossed in a good book or enjoying a visit from friends, having a comfortable place to sit is vital. Shop furniture sales for great deals on wicker furniture. Wicker furniture needs moisture to keep it from becoming brittle. This makes it the perfect choice for hot and humid weather.

A small wicker sofa, several wicker rocking chairs, and a small wicker table with chairs will transform your porch into the perfect summer living space. Any color of wicker will work fine, but white wicker furnishings are a great summer option. Add blue or yellow pillows or cushions for a lovely summer theme.

Give mother nature center stage

Pack away your usual decorative items and decorate with living plants and flowers. Replace silk floral arrangements with real flowers picked fresh from the garden or picked up at a local florist. Even a simple bouquet of wildflowers, picked in a nearby field, will work wonders for dressing up a summer home.

Create a romantic summer bedroom by placing a single floral stem in a vase on a nightstand. Arrange fresh-picked fruits and vegetables in a bowl to use as a kitchen table centerpiece or to dress up a boring kitchen counter. Pick bunches of lavender and place in the bathroom for a natural air freshener.

Keep it light and bright

Nothing says summer like the color white. Use sheer curtains rather than heavier drapes to make every room summery and bright. A white tablecloth will make you feel like you're dining at an outdoor café. Invest in a set of white dinner plates for a soothing summer dining experience.

Replace heavy blankets, quilts, and throws with lightweight versions. Swap out heavy bedroom comforters for white sheets and spreads. Add a few decorative pillows in a floral or beach design to add a subtle splash of color.

Remove heavy throw rugs from the floor. Summer is a great time to go barefoot. The coolness of the floor will feel great on your feet on sweltering midsummer days.

Lazy summer days require less than strenuous decorating efforts. With a little time and creativity, you can have a home that reflects the season of summer, inside and out. And you and your loved ones will reap the rewards of a home that's as welcoming as a summer breeze. For more information, visit websites like http://www.fickesfurniture.com.