Anchors Aweigh: How To Create A Pirate-Themed Kids Bedroom

27 April 2017
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Choosing a theme for your child's bedroom can make his or her bedroom more exciting. A pirate theme offers countless hours of inspiration for pretend play, and it gives you a chance to have some fun with decorating. Here are just a few ideas you can use to create a pirate-themed bedroom for your child.

Customize The Bed

You can find kids beds shaped like pirate ships or boats, but you can also customize a regular child's bed to fit the pirate theme as well. Hang rope netting from the ceiling near the head of the bed to create a swashbuckling canopy. You can also find wooden reproduction helms (steering wheels) in various sizes at local craft supply stores. You can paint the helm to match your child's bed, or you can give it a bright, bold color for a bright color contrast. Outfit your child''s bed with red or black sheets, and consider purchasing a few pirate-style flags, which can be sewn into throw pillows.

Paint A Mural

The pirate theme can provide plenty of inspiration for creating a mural on your child's wall. You can paint an image of the open ocean waters and a sunset to provide the feeling of always being on a pirate adventure, or you can use stencils to add pirate ships or Jolly Roger flags to the wall. If you want to get really creative, consider painting a treasure map on one wall, and put "X" to mark the spot right above where your child's toy box would go. To complete this idea, switch out your child's toy box for a steamer trunk, which can be decorated to look like a treasure chest.

Add The Finishing Touches

There are lots of great ways to decorate once you have the bedding and the wall art completed. Hang life preservers on the walls near the bed, and consider purchasing barrels from your local hardware or craft store, which can be used for night stands or toy storage. Rope can be a great decorative accent for any crafting projects you use to decorate the room. If you'll be putting a bunk bed in the room, consider stenciling on the ladder or steps a message about "walking the plank," or add a rope ladder for a more authentic pirate look.

Don't be afraid to get creative when planning out this decor theme, and ask your child to help you come up with more ideas for decorating his pirate room.

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