3 Important Aspects To Consider When Buying Your Home Office Filing Cabinet

17 March 2017
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Acquiring a filing cabinet for your home office is a good idea. A filing cabinet will help you safely secure your important documents and paperwork needed for a home business or for personal use. You can often find various types of filing cabinets at office furniture stores or warehouses. Before you set out to buy your new filing cabinet, keep the following aspects in mind:

1. Determine how Much Space You Will Have For Placement and What Style Will Fit Best

If you have a lot of space in width along the wall, you might opt for a lateral designed filing cabinet. Unlike the standard vertical design, the lateral is wider and typically shorter in height. The lateral cabinet is built to hold more, due to the width.

Lateral cabinets are ideal for legal sized envelopes and documents. You can typically find a lateral filing cabinet with several drawers. If you do not require that much interior room, choose a cabinet with only a couple of drawers. The lateral style file cabinet features drawers that do not extend outward as much as the standard vertical design does.

If you prefer a more traditional style of filing cabinet for your home office, you'll probably want a vertical or upright model. These cabinets are greater in height than they are in width, making them a good choice for a home office with limited space. They also may have several drawers. One thing to keep in mind if you prefer the vertical style: while a lot of wall space is not needed, you will require sufficient walking space, as the drawers do extend more fully than the lateral design, meaning the depth will be greater.

2. Consider the Construction

Your filing cabinet should be strong to withstand everyday home office use. Look for rigid steel construction rather than solid wood, if durability and long lasting strength is what you are after. If you choose wood to complement your existing home office decor, it may be more prone to splitting or peeling if not maintained properly. However, if you plan on using your filing cabinet infrequently, wood should provide you with adequate strength. Whichever material you choose, ask your dealer if the cabinet has been tested for strength and durability.

3. Don't Forget About Safety Features

The safety and security of your important documents should be a priority, and your personal safety should be considered as well. You might want to choose a file cabinet that is fireproof, so you will enjoy peace of mind knowing your documents are protected from smoke and fire damage. Impact protection is another important consideration.

For your personal safety, choose a filing cabinet with drawers that open and close effortlessly. If the cabinet is on caster wheels, be sure it glides along the floor smoothly, so it does not catch on the carpet or risk the chance of tipping over. Interlocking drawers will also help to prevent the unit from tipping over.  

As a final safety consideration, always inspect used office furniture and file cabinets for damage before your purchase. Be sure there are no loose parts and everything operates smoothly. 

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