Live In A Small House? 3 Ways To Maximize Storage With Living Room Furniture Purchases

7 March 2017
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While moving in, most homeowners will bring in the furniture they already have. Going this route will help you make your new place feel like home almost right away. But, you may want to look into replacing some of the furniture over time as each piece may not fit with the house that you purchased.  If you are living in a small home and understand that the furniture in the living room is a bit excessive in size, you should go shopping for new furniture to better fit the space and to maximize storage capacity.

Vertical Bookcases with Adjustable Shelving

A long and short bookcase may have worked in your old home because you did not need much storage. But, it is natural to continuously add to your book collection once you buy a home because you will know how many books you can fit in the home without making the storage space overly cluttered. It is worth getting vertical bookcases that reach as close to the ceiling as possible because this will give you an enormous amount of space to store books and all sorts of media throughout the years. If you can find bookcases with adjustable shelving, you will have even more flexibility when it comes to book storage.

Couch with Storage or Built-In Bed

Some couches are wide and thick because it is easy to create a plush couch this way. Thick cushions are typically more comfortable than thin cushions, but this does not mean comfort is impossible to achieve. A house on the small side does not have much room for a massive couch, so you should focus on purchasing a new one with an additional function in providing extra storage or a built-in bed. If you do not have a spare bedroom and intend on inviting family and friends over on a regular basis, you may benefit most from a built-in bed as you can always look for other clever ideas to add more storage space.

Coffee Table with Multiple Layers

A standard coffee table will give you a place to put papers, magazines, drinks, and even snacks. But, you can gain far more by adding a coffee table to your living room when you get one with multiple layers. You can put in neat a recliner or other seating. A layer or two beneath the surface will give you room to store board games, books, and more. You can even get ones with pull-out drawers to enjoy a discreet storage solution in the living room.

Shopping for furniture with these tips in mind will help you gain a lot of storage for your living room.