Tips For Embracing The Mid-Century Modern Furniture Trend In Your Home

5 October 2015
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Mid-century furniture typically refers to pieces created sometime between 1933 and 1965. These pieces are bold, yet functional, with clearly defined lines and durable designs. Mid-century modern chairs, couches, and tables appeal to everyone from millennials to senior citizens and look equally amazing in a small apartment, medium-sized condo, or spacious two-story home. Decorating with mid-century pieces may seem somewhat intimidating at first, so here are some tips to help you flawlessly integrate these popular pieces into your home.

Pick a Color

Choose one color and incorporate it into adjoining rooms, such as the kitchen and living room, for cohesion. Once you've decided on the primary color you want to use, you have several options. Here are a few different ways you can proceed:

  • Create a contemporary, ombre-style look by combining different hues of the same color, like forest green and lime green.
  • Pair complementary colors with your primary color, such as combining navy blue chairs with olive green floor coverings, for a polished look that isn't too matchy-matchy. 
  • Liven up your space by mixing bright, contrasting colors, such as sunny yellow and vibrant purple.

You can limit yourself to furniture in your primary hue or focus on eye-catching accents, like curtains and candle holders. You can also paint the trim around your walls or add some strips of wallpaper in your preferred color.

Limit Patterns

Mid-century modern furniture comes in vivid hues and unique designs, but it doesn't contain many of the busy patterns found on pieces from the 1960s and 1970s. For a true mid-century setup in your home, stick with solid-colored pieces or simple patterns, like pinstripes or speckles. If you choose furniture with strong lines and geometric designs, patterned curtains or rugs may detract attention away from your pieces or create a cluttered look.

Translucent vases in rich hues complement the timeless, simple vibe of mid-century decor nicely. You can also hang several mirrors on your wall if you want to accent your furniture without resorting to patterns.

Mix Old With New

Some mid-century furniture dealers carry everything you need to transform your home into a dwelling from the middle of the century, but do you really want to give up modern amenities like your flat-screen TV or wireless speakers? If the answer is no, then feel free to combine modern luxuries with mid-century charm. For example, you can place your television set atop a sturdy table with clean lines from an antique furniture dealer, or you can mount the TV from the wall or ceiling so you don't have to search for a mid-century entertainment center.

When you incorporate modern pieces, make sure they pair well with your mid-century decor. Shabby-chic and country-style accents probably won't match your mid-century pieces, but you can possibly combine some aspects of art deco and eclectic themes in your retro-inspired home.

Choose Pieces You Love

This tip might seem fairly basic, but it's especially important if you're jumping on the mid-century furniture bandwagon. Mid-century pieces aren't simply for decoration - they are practical pieces that are meant to be enjoyed. Plop down on the plush cushions of a couch from the 1950s, or sip a frosty glass of iced tea as you lean back against a bright orange plastic chair. Mid-century furniture is durable and built to last, so you can entertain guests or chat with your family members time and time again without worrying about making a mess or breaking something. 

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