Use The Right Light Fixtures To Change Your Home’s Mood

12 April 2018
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Nothing is as effective in changing the atmosphere of a space as lighting; alter the mood and update your décor with lighting, lamps, and fixtures that fit the vibe you want in your home. Depending on what you use the space for, lighting can be implemented for atmosphere, utility, and security; don't miss out on an opportunity to accessorize your home with beautiful light fixtures! Set a mood and change a room in your home with the right light fixtures. Read More 

Relocating Into A Larger Office Building

19 March 2018
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Business growth is an exciting experience, especially for a business owner that started out small. If your business has proven to be successful and your small office is no longer sufficient enough for your needs, it is time to pack up and move into a larger building. The task might be time-consuming if your office is packed with equipment, furniture, and other things, but it is worth doing. You can get through the office relocating process a lot faster by hiring professionals to help. Read More 

How To Paint Lines On Different Surfaces

11 February 2018
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Of all the possible home improvement projects, it is hard to beat painting. That is, it is usually the easiest project, but it also has a significant impact on the way your property looks. Of course, painting is an accessible and affordable DIY project because the supplies are affordable, easy to work with, and you don't need any training. However, if you want to make your paint job look a little better, you should follow these helpful tips. Read More 

Handmade Furniture Vs. Factory Made: Appreciating The Benefits Of Handmade

14 January 2018
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Handmade furniture lasts forever, especially if it is high quality furniture like stickley furniture. There is something to be said for handmade versus factory made. Here are the benefits of handmade furniture over factory made, so that you can truly appreciate it. Handmade Is Solid There is nothing hollow or fake about handmade furniture. Everything is solid wood—no laminate and no manufactured wood. Everything is screwed and nailed together, too, so that it holds together much better than factory made furniture. Read More 

Three Reasons to Go From Cloth Chairs to Velvet

5 December 2017
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Seating in the dining room is often more formal than the rest of the home. The dining room will play host to visitors as well as fancy holiday dinners. When you want a chair that will be comfortable for sitting, a chair with some cushion is the best pick. Many chairs made for the dining room come with an upholstered cloth on the exterior. If you want to break out of the norm and go with something a little more stylish, you should choose an upholstery service like Tri-County Furniture Restoration to change your cloth chairs to velvet. Read More